Simple. Stylish. 100% Compostable.


Simple. Stylish. 100% Compostable.


Simple. Stylish. 100% Compostable.


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All natural steam-pressed leaf plates.
Disposable dinnerware from fallen leaves.


We think about plates. So you don't have to. 

Made from nature’s simplest ingredients - fallen leaves, heat and water - and produced by a network of rural entrepreneurs across Northeastern India, our leaf plates are the definition of quality, value and sustainable production. Freshly pressed from the sheath of Areca nut palms, each plate is unique in look, feel and story.
Folia's single-use, 100% compostable, biodegradable and chemical-free leaf plates offer a one-of-a-kind organic dining experience, giving guests and partygoers alike a safe and natural alternative to paper, plastic and food-based disposables.

How are they made? 

Naturally. The fallen Areca nut palm sheaths are sourced locally and brought back to a village production facility where they are shaped, dried and heat-pressed, ensuring durability, safety and the highest-quality eco-friendly products possible.
From collection to packaging, we support a growing network of entrepreneurial areca palm leaf plate producers across rural areas in Northeastern India. Your purchase of leaf plates directly generates equal-opportunity employment and a guaranteed source of fair-wage income for thousands of under-employed youth, women and farmers in rural areas.


What makes them unique?

  • 100% Compostable & Biodegradable.
    Our plates are made from nothing but natural ingredients, and completely decompose into the soil within two months.

  • Brilliant Natural Appearance.
    We don't use any colors, dyes or external material to make our plates. Each plate is unique, with its own natural variation and appeal.

  • Hygienic & Chemical Free.
    The sheaths are fully rinsed and heated to temperatures above 100 degree centigrade to ensure maximum safety and sanitation.

  • Sturdy & Light.
    Though disposable, one could easily confuse these for real plates, The dimensional stability is incredible. They are light as paper, but as sturdy as wood or bamboo. The extra filling on the edges make them very comfortable for holding. 

  • Liquid Holding Capacity.
    Even though the material is light, it’s incredibly durable. Our plates can hold hot liquid items for 2-3 hours without affecting its shape.

  • Microwave & Refrigerator Safe.
    Heat it. Cool it. Either way, these plates can handle extremes - and release zero emissions or chemicals in the process. 

  • A Triple Bottom Line, Social Impact Business.The Areca nut palm plant is one of the most important commercial crops of northeastern India. Although the betel nut it produces is used widely in various forms, the sheath attached to the leaf is considered waste. We create direct value for communities out of this waste, by employing a network of thousands of small-scale Areca palm collectors and processors.

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